Neurohancing: My regimen

Wake up around 6:00 AM. Go for 30 minute run.
Boil hot water.
Make pot of green tea.
Drink one 4 oz cup of water.
Take 800mg Lifelink nooracetam.
Drink one cup green tea with honey.
Make oatmeal.
Take omega 3 capsule with 4oz of water.
Take break every 30 minutes and drink a 4oz cup of water.
After two hours, take NSI Mindsharp, vitamin C, super antioxidants, flax oil, choline inositol, and cal/mag/zinc tablet.
Break - lift weights for 30 minutes.
Eat lunch - usually protein and fruit of some sort.
Take another nooracetam and a Chocomind capsule
Stop work, take B Right capsule and NSI Neurolift.
Eat dinner at some point, generally something light.
Drink one glass of red wine if I feel like it.
Drink more water and go to bed.


Neuroenhancing: NSI Mindsharp

I just received a new order of NSI Mindsharp and I am very excited. I first tried this particular supplement last year and have been very pleased with the results.

Let's look at the key ingrediants -

Cat's Claw - grown in South America and Asia, cat's claw has immune boosting properties and is beneficial for gastrointestinal treatements.

Horse Chestnut extract - may increase blood flow which is beneficial to the brain and brain functions.

Dopabean - neurotransmitter, converts to dopamine which is necessary to healthy brain functions.

Vintocepine - Derived from periwinkle, it is a cognitive enhancer, expands brain blood vessels, improves long and short term memory and brain functions.

Huperzine A - Derived from club moss, has been shown to slowdown the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain. Improves the transmission between the neurons.

I used to take a separate Huperzine supplement, but that became unavailable so I am happy to have it with Mindsharp.

What are the effects for me? I am able to concentrate for longer periods of time and accomplish more. For instance, after a full day of work and activities, I was still able to complete the dishes, laundry and cleaning and then take up the computer again late at night and get more done online.

Best of all, no fatigue this morning. This is good stuff.


Neurohancing: Life Link NooRacetam 800m

I have been taking NooRacetam from Life Link for a few months now. Does it work?

Yes, I have noticed a greater ability to concentrate from taking NooRacetam. The capsules are 800mg strength. Normally, I take one in the morning and another in the early afternoon.

I take NooRacetam along with some of the other supplements listed in my supplement list on the left hand side of the blog.

Here is the secret with NooRacetam: Take it with choline supplements or after eating a healthy breakfast which includes eggs. This makes the supplement more effective.

What sort of effects do I experience?

Greater concentration. The ability to stay focused and get more done in a shorter amount of time. The ability to stay on target with a particular task, especially writing and research. Time flies and I have no idea how long I have worked on something. It is neat how that works.

I purchased mine from Vitacost, but there are many outlets out there selling NooRacetam; look around for the best deal.

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